My Offerings for you with  gratitude

I truly believe that our body has the natural ability to heal by itself in a peaceful and relaxing environment. Our body needs support to achieve the healing process.  Through my offerings I will create a safe and serene space to support your healing. I have a variety of holistic practices to offer. I invite you to discover what is best for you and which one deeply connects with you. Please connect with me for any questions I will be happy to guide you to find the best path to your  holistic healing journey.

Thai Yoga Massage

The practice of Thai Yoga Massage incorporates muscles manipulation techniques with assisted stretch and meditation in order to achieve a deep state of relaxation. Massage is performed on the floor on padded mats, with receivers wearing comfortable clothing. All poses during the practice are supported with bolsters and blankets. I will mindfully move each part of your body to improve your range of motion and assist with the stretch.

*Due to current Province-wide lockdown. I cannot provide this offering. Stay safe and well.

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing. Feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that surrounds and fills you, creating deep feelings of relaxation, peace and well-being. Especially helpful with pain, sleep, stress, emotional balancing. 

Reiki treatment is one of the profound energy healing practices to bring your body into a deep state of relaxation. This is a great practice to support your body's natural ability to heal by itself in the most calm and relaxed state.

*Distance Healing is available please call to book your appointment at 905-392-9001

Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga  is a flow of breath guided movement and stretch. A total body, mind and spirit connection practice.

Restorative Yoga  all poses are supported and in stillness to assist with opening of the body through passive stretches.  

Yin & Chakra Yoga poses are held for a longer period, supported and gentle.Chair Yoga   the practice is seated in a chair with gentle supported stretches.

* All Yoga classes are currently live stream via Zoom. Please visit

Reiki Practitioner Level 1, 2, & 3 Certification Training

Learn the practice of Reiki for self healing and share it with others. Reiki is easy to learn and does not require any experience. As long as you have an open heart and mind to receive and pure intent to share it with others. The gifts of Reiki become your way of life, a sense of peace and joy fulfills you.

*Due to the current Province-wide lock down. I am currently offering a private virtual live teaching about the system of Reiki. For more details call 905-392-9001

Meditation & Chanting

In this time of uncertainty and change you may be experiencing some stress and anxiety. Meditation and chanting are a great tool to help achieve a sense of balance and calm. One of the best practices for self-care is meditation, reconnects us to our centre, which alleviates our worries, anxieties and stress. This practice of quieting the mind can bring us greater focus, clarity and peace in all circumstances. The resonance of the mantras brings deep interconnection and inner peace.

*Meditation and Chanting Practices are live classes via Zoom. 

There is recorded audio available to purchase by checking the online store page.

Reiki Community

Reiki Community supports practitioners, teachers and clients to deepen their practice. Regular Reiki group practice, sharing and meditation or chanting. Everyone is welcome to join this community, Reiki practitioners, teachers of any lineage and anyone interested with the practice of Reiki.

To join send me a message through my connect with me page. 

*Due to current Province-wide lockdown. All our practices and sharing is through Zoom call.